Façade Refurbishing


In MVIC you will find a broad selection of products and systems to refurbish façades. Taking into account that façades are often made up by diferent materials like whitewash, brick, natural stone, concrete and many times mixtures, in MVIC we offer you products and systems to provide complete solutions appropiate to sort out even the most challenging cases.

You will find in this line of products the VIREX range of facings made up to respond to the highest demands.

Moreover, we have a wide selection of products by the prestigious German firm Remmers, like cleaning façade products, mortars and specific whitewashes for each case, hardeners and water repellents and waterproof systems (for the case of skirting boards for example), etc.

The more complex a problem is, the more obvious it is how advantadgeous is to use first class products, those with more knowledge on how to repair and protect all kind of surfaces.